The Evening EP

by Isaak Salomon

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The Evening EP was recorded at The Loft & Blue Light Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia from the Autumn of 2014 to the Spring of 2015 with quality instruments from Martin & Epiphone & microphones from Audio-Technica & Neumann & was mastered to analog tape by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio in Ottawa.


released July 10, 2015

All songs written & recorded by Isaak Salomon (SOCAN).
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio



all rights reserved


Isaak Salomon Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello. I’m a folk singer.

I like things a little country, a little poppy, and always groovy. I value honest songwriting and good guitar playing. I record my own albums, and spend a lot of time tinkering with them.

I’ve recently pulled up my roots and moved to Montréal in search of new musical ground. I’m excited to assemble a new band, and to write some more tunes.

Over & out,
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Track Name: Weekend in the World
It’s the weekend in the world.

Not ‘cause anybody said,

But ‘cause everybody knows,

From San Francisco to Tokyo.

Shades are drawn down,

Blinds closed up.

And the warmth of you skin,

Wraps me up & holds me down.


It’s a quiet kind of sound,

The one you make when you’re asleep.

The life of your breath,

From deep in your chest calls to me.

It’s a sweet kind of thought,

To know that we’re alone.

Like so many others that fall to each other,

When it’s weekend in the world.


Nothing’s better, nothing’s better.


I don’t wanna leave your side.

You don’t wanna leave your bed.

And that’s fine ‘cause we can stay,

And lay right here for the next two days.
Track Name: Growing Pains
You’re Hadrian’s Wall, still long but not tall.

A pyramid built on an intricate quilt.

Old wine, if I may, improves day by day,

So please, moderate your growing pains.

The magazines you read as daily routine,

Entice & they spice, but they’re not what they seem.

A hoax, a cruel joke to make you believe,

Your grey hairs are something obscene.


You’re Hadrian’s Wall, though you think you’re gonna fall,

In Britain you’re nowhere near Berlin at all.

Once painted in white, must’ve been quite a sight,

What’s best: show the press you’ve got some fight.
Track Name: On The Run
Well accidents happen all the time

Could splash them away with a hint of lime.

But tonic & gin won’t fix your problems,

They’ll just keep you on the run.

I never thought that I’d be here.

So far, far away from home I held dear.

But the give & take of the world

Gave a whirl to my life & I learned not to run,

On the run.


A family of crows crested a tree.

Son said “How come we never see the sea?”

Pa said “Follow me. To see the sea without a chance to swim,

Won’t be no end,

So we’ll dive in,

And swim, swim, swim,

Because we can.
Track Name: Wilson, Pt. 1
Eraser, no wonder you live alone.

Sparrow says to wrap a scarf, it’s cold.

Greet your old friend your hooded home,

Storm flap overboard years ago.

So your scarf from sparrow holds your head to the sunrise.

Salty sea, sweet Aibelene,

Rust red & blue faded honestly.

Still she swims ‘top the sea

No wave could break her heart.

Out all day in the salty sweet

Nets cast, a modest catch.

Humming a nautical theme.

The sun rests out the back,

The wind dies down.

Sails furled, rowing to Lighthouse Island.
Track Name: Tintern Abbey
The deer walk with us, but mostly we’re alone.

The bear tags along, but mostly we’re alone.

Flickering farmland lays low.

This is home.


The birds fly with us, but mostly we’re alone.

The wolves howl with us, but mostly we’re alone.

Fool on the hill, which way to Wyndclyff Wood?

You said to go north, but

Tell me, what are your words worth?


I cannot paint what then I was, but chalk on my kitchen wall

Would surely indicate my current thoughts.

Molasses sweet & honey bread,

The spice of life run through my head.

And Tintern Abbey to greet me in the morning,

Jump from the pages & pull me in the story.