Wisdom Line

by Isaak Salomon

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Wisdom Line is Isaak Salomon's second studio EP, recorded in Vancouver, BC and Nelson, BC in the summer of 2016.


Hi there.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to write another another “objective” album review in the third person. Instead, here are my thoughts on my second studio EP, Wisdom Line.

This album is really special to me because it documents and bookends my last year spent in Vancouver. I just moved to Montréal, and I’m glad for the chance to look back on the west coast with fondness. The dynamics of my last record were intentionally reserved, and, though I haven’t completely run away, the dials have definitely been turned up. I’m very lucky to have the fingerprints of a few other fine musicians on this record, and it’s better for it.

The core performances were captured in two sessions: one band session at a nice big studio, and the other solo, at a farmhouse outside of Nelson, BC. These contrasting sessions helped me explore and delve into two distinct vibes: an Alt-Pop band sound, and a Country & Western solo sound. The band session lasted one short day, with only enough time for a quick lunch break, whereas the second stretched almost a week and involved a good deal of running, cooking and meditation. Nice memories.

I found it very important to capture real, unedited performances. As such, we played together live, and where possible, tracked to tape. We let my amp bleed into the drums, and I sang the acoustic tracks as I played. I think the results are, above all, honest. I spent a month afterwards overdubbing, mixing and tying the tracks together. This album has been a pleasure to make. I hope you enjoy the melodies, the playing, and, above all, the meaning in these songs.

Thanks for listening…

Big thanks to Connor Charles Brooks, Brittany Ayton, Danny Vaughan, Philip Shaw Bova, Chris Giannakos, Christopher Steven Goodchild, Jove Relevante, Tamar Holton-Hinshaw, Kaj Falch-Nielsen, Peter, Laurie & Eli Holton, Colin Weeks, James Clayton, and of course, my lovely, supportive family.


released December 16, 2016

All songs written by Isaak Salomon (SOCAN, ASCAP).

Drums performed by Connor Charles Brooks (2-5)
Additional Vocals by Brittany Ayton (2, 3 & 6)
Engineered & Mixed by Isaak Salomon.
Guitar, Vocals, Lap Steel & Fender Bass performed by Isaak Salomon.
Additional Engineering by Christopher Steven Goodchild &
Jove Relevante.
Recorded at The Loft, Nimbus Studio D and Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, BC, and at a farmhouse about 30 minutes out of Nelson, BC.
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab in Ottawa, ON.

Cover photo by Chris Giannakos. Typography by Tamar Holton-Hinshaw.



all rights reserved


Isaak Salomon Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello. I’m a folk singer.

I like things a little country, a little poppy, and always groovy. I value honest songwriting and good guitar playing. I record my own albums, and spend a lot of time tinkering with them.

I’ve recently pulled up my roots and moved to Montréal in search of new musical ground. I’m excited to assemble a new band, and to write some more tunes.

Over & out,
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Track Name: Tea Time
One minute before,
The sun crept through,
The hole in the shade,
Your hound dog chewed.

One minute to go,
‘Fore the rooster cried,
That’s when I know,
I had to leave you behind.

So I stole out,
Met the day anew.
You didn’t wake,
Like you always do.

And as the soft morning sun,
Shed it’s first light on some trees.
I crossed to the kitchen to fix your morning tea.
Track Name: I Need You / You Need Me
Well I don’t always live up to my promises,
But I’ll always tell you the truth.
And if that’s not enough, if you say you call my bluff,
I have no idea what I’ll do.

We don’t always light up in the same way,
But I don’t expect you to pretend.
So I’ll lay it on the line, give you space & time,
And hope that I'll see you back here again.

Oh it’s you, that washes over me.
Yeah it’s you, that keeps me feeling free.
What would I do, if you made your mind to leave?
This cannot be.

You always take the wheel, & it almost makes me feel,
Like I need you more than you need me.
But you turn that all around when you lose your way ‘round town,
‘Cuz I can help to get you where you're going to.

Oh it’s you, that washes over me.
Yeah it’s you, that keeps me feeling free.
What would I do, if you made your mind to leave?
This cannot be.
Track Name: What Were You Thinkin?
What were you thinkin when you picked up your phone?
What were you thinkin when you dialled my home?
What was I drinkin when I answered my phone?
I had a feeling, but I should have known,
That you’re no good for me anymore.

What were you sayin to get me alone?
I should’ve been running, but I’m accident prone,
And I fell right into you.

What were you trying when you held me so long?
What were you doing with your lips on my arm?
You were doing the best that you could,
And it was workin' cuz here I am stuck on you.
Track Name: Wisdom Line
I’ve been on this road for many years, got plenty still to come.
Got no doubt I’m lucky in my lane.
But if these songs don’t get better, if my words don’t get clever,
I’ll turn onto a dusty trail, I know.

‘Cuz I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
No you can’t find the wisdom line behind your door.

When I’ve lost my way, when I’ve spent my pay,
When I’m all stuck at home, tied up on the phone, will you stay?
When I’ve lost my pride to the rising tide,
Of people who know all those things that I don’t.

‘Cuz I still haven’t found what I’m longing for.
No you can’t find the wisdom line in a bargain store.

Here I lie with stars & moon across the night sky strewn,
But I’m not content to lose count on my own.
So I’ll ride the road alone, point my horse to home,
And when I arrive, I’ll hold you all night ’til the sun.

And if I still haven’t have found what I’m longing for,
Tell me I can’t ride the wisdom line by keeping score.
Must be this tall to ride, so I’ll swallow my pride,
And wait for the years to pass me by.
Track Name: Wilson, Pt. 2
I found myself on the wrong side of town,
With the wrong sorta crowd & the wrong kinda gal.
Thought to myself, “It’s time to change my ways.”

Bought a fishing pole & a bucket hat,
With the last two dollars that I had.
Turned to sweet Aibelene, and said “Fare Thee Well.”

I hadn’t the heart to steal a mare,
So I took a boat on out of there.
Set our course for the Virgin Mary Islands.

Then it was thirty days since I’d left town,
I stepped on the beach & looked around,
At once, I knew my place.

My place was there.
Oh, I swear.

Me & the sun we go hand-in-hand,
So I took a job at a beach-side stand.
It was work. Hard work. Hardly-working.

But after some time I ran into some crime,
And the judge told me “If you stay you’ll die,
So get out of my town & don’t look back."

See you around,
I’m skippin’ town.

I set out on my own,
Found a place to be alone,
With the red & gold & blue,

Of the setting sun, shows what’s to come when day is new.
Maybe I can erase some of the past mistakes,
That’ve kept me blue.
Track Name: All About It
Sometimes I think that you like to worry,
But that ain’t true, most of the time.
I know you & know you like to hurry,
On Friday night.

I know all about it, but I don’t know what to do.

I’d rather talk than scream & shout about it,
‘Cuz we’re so good at talking, me & you.
Talk with your hands so I can see what you mean,
When you say don’t walk away.

I know all about it, and I know what to do.

‘Cuz nobody likes to be told to calm down,
And everyone likes to wear a frown sometimes, sometimes.

It's good to know you feel that way about it,
'Cuz lord knows I feel the same way too.
I’ll stay right here unless you ask that I leave,
Then I’ll give you the space you need to breathe.

I know all about it, and I know what to do.

'Cuz nobody likes to be told to calm down,
And everyone likes to wear a frown sometimes, sometimes.
There’s no sense in locking away what we wanna do & what we need to say,
So why don’t we try and talk this out today?
Track Name: Ocean Breeze
I went running on the beach hoping I’d find,
Something better than my thoughts to pass the time.
Your words came rolling in with the tide,
And that good old ocean breeze made up my mind.

Wondering why? Why, why, why?
Would I ever want you further from my side?
Saying no. No, no, no.
Could I ever let you go and leave me alone.

Sometimes a couple words are all I need,
To get me out the door & planting seeds.
But other days I can’t do it alone,
You’re always there to listen & to hold.

Remember we went walking in the woods,
To get away from everything we could.
The rain came pouring down, wind was blowin’ all around,
And every step we took, another page of our own book

Wondering why? Why, why, why?
Would I ever want you further from my side?
Saying no. No, no, no.
Could I ever let you go and leave me alone.